Logo redesign as part of the Greek constructions company STAT re-branding effort.

Logo for the Greek metal band Sidereal.

Font: Coda Regular by Vernon Adams

Logo for a former open source programming team.

Concept: "Think outside the box...".

Logo for the small plumbing business KitsosTherm.

Each color represent a specific service of the company. Yellow stands for the renewable energy sources, red for heating, green for gas, blue for plumbing.

Logo for the Broadcast Anonymous Routing (BAR) project.

A system that provides strong anonymity for both the sender and the receiver of a message.

Logo for the student organization Black D@ck, Department of Computer Science, University of Piraeus, Greece.

The organization aims to establish an open learning space around computer security and general computer science.

Font: Ænigma Scrawl BRK Font by Ænigma Fonts