Hello world!

My name is Niki, and I love giving life to all the ideas that are stuck in my mind. I am an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, motion graphics artist, animation lover, and a coder (when I need to make my life easier on a project). In the following paragraphs I will tell a little story about me. If you don’t have time to read more or you don’t like stories (who doesn't?) you can just jump to my portfolio page to check out my work.

If you made it to this line you seem determined to know me a little better. So here is my story...

I was born and grew up in a small village (a really small one - only 150 people are permanent residents) in Greece. Most of the people in my home-village are farmers and are focused on covering more immediate needs than investing time in arts.

Therefore, I did not discover my love for giving life to my imagination inspired by the work of a great artist or a brilliant art teacher. It was actually an older girl's drawing from my primary school that caught my eye; at the age of six.

It wasn't anything extraordinary, but still really beautiful. It was rather a clumsy drawing of a girl in a light blue gown, standing beneath an apple tree holding a half full basket of flowers in her hand. In the background the hills, the fields and a castle were left to rest for the day by the setting sun. It made me think, "I want to draw too!"

Later that afternoon I grabbed my colored pencils and a piece of paper and drew it by memory.

After that day I developed an interest in all forms of artistic expression. I experimented until my freshman year in college with paper, cardboards, pencils, watercolors, old clothes, our neighbors' flowers (I used them as paint), on walls (I almost gave my mother a heart attack once, when I painted a huge spider on one of my bedroom’s walls), and many more things.

While pursuing my bachelors degree in computer science, I found myself fascinated by the possibilities the computer gives you when it comes to digital arts. Alongside my studies I started exploring graphic design and web design by creating posters, flyers, logos and websites.

In the last year of my undergraduate studies I knew that I wanted to combine my passion for arts and the knowledge of technology I had gained during my schooling. As luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself to come to the United States to study in an arts and technology program.

Thus, I joined the University of Texas at Dallas Arts & Technology program in August 2013, and some months later I got a position as a student marketing assistant with the UT Dallas international center. Both the program and the work position helped me to develop my skills and let me explore other areas like motion graphics and animation.

As this chapter is now over, I am ready for more creative experiences in the future!

If you made it this far, thank you for spending the time getting to know me. Feel free to contact me via email or social networks. I would love to hear your story or work on a project with you.



Graphics Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw & GIMP.

Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects.

Web Design: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress Theme Design, Adobe Dreamweaver & Adobe Flash.

CMS: WordPress & DokuWiki.

Scripting Languages: Python, Processing, D3.js.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Debian & Ubuntu Linux.

Office Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Open Office Suite, Prezi, Adobe Acrobat & LATEX.

Version Control Systems: Subversion (SVN) & Git.

Sound Editing: Adobe Audition